Data Science Flashcards

Data Wolf presents: Data Science Flashcards! I made these while taking UC San Diego’s DSE200x course on edX and working with my favorite online bootcamp, DataCamp! For DataCamp I took Intro to Python for Data Science and Intermediate Python for Data Science. The paper flashcards are made from MOO busniess cards and will be for sale soon while the free version will be available on Data Wolf’s Instagram. If you still want to learn using paper flashcards and money is an obstacle, send me an email and I will send you a file so you can have them printed or you can print them at home, school, local library or with the help of a friend.

Featured DIY option: Hand writting these flashcards onto 3X5 or 4X6 empty cards is highly reccomended, here is why: I made these in Photoshop to share what I learned and while it took a while, I have become a much better developer for it. Once you really have these down, use them as a gift to get a friend or family member into Python. After you give them away you can still quiz yourself on Instagram to make sure you still remember!

Getting Started:

Getting Answers:

  • Write this Python 3 function:
def flashcard(my_num):
        import requests
        link = ''+ str(my_num) +'.txt'
        f = requests.get(link)
  • Call this function by typing flashcard(1) in the shell as shown below. For single digit cards do not use 0, just 1-9.
>>> 35+16
>>> 25-16
>>> 3*5
>>> 10/2
>>> 2**7
>>> 18%7
>>> movie = 10
>>> popcorn = 25
>>> movie + popcorn
>>> a="This list"
>>> b=" demonstrates concatenation."
>>> my_list=a+b
>>> print(my_list)
This list demonstrates concatenation.
  • Alternatively, you can scan the unique QR code on the card. That’s it.

Thank you for learning Data Science with Data Wolf!
This project is still in progress, check back in 2018.